About Sasha


SNFSasha N. Franklyn is the author of a series of books published in South Korea for non-native English speaking professionals. Her books cover topics ranging from general business and energy to finance and law.

An avid reader and writer, she is also an aspiring fantasy author who focuses on blending elements of Eastern and Western lore, primarily through the silkpunk subgenre. Her current works in progress include Ascended One (editing phase) and Stitched (drafting phase). 

Sasha was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Augusta, GA as a child. After majoring in biology, with a citation in French at Harvard, Sasha ventured to the Big Apple where she studied law at Columbia and practiced corporate law for several years. Her recent adventures brought her back to her birthplace where she recommitted to her first passion – writing.

Growing up in a multicultural family and redefining personal happiness. These are only a couple of topics through which she hopes to provide insight into the human experience.

Novels are windows into the human experience, emotions reforged and cast anew to make us dream of what could and can be. I hope that you will accompany me on my journey to explore what defines our humanity. Together, we can battle the seemingly impossible – transforming dreams into reality.

– Sasha N. Franklyn (정한솔)


Sasha is an avid reader and closet rebel. Having escaped the doldrums of corporate law, batteries recharged, she is poised and ready to battle the seemingly impossible - transforming dreams into reality.